Monday, 13 November 2017

Warlord Romans Part 3

Next stop highlighting;

That took 1 hour 3 minutes, then some detailing taking another 50 minutes.

That brings me to 8 and a half hours. Tomorrow night a wash to bring a few things together, decals later in the week and then to be based after I have picked up the bases at Warfare.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Warlord Romans part 2

The next step is a quick wash of brown shade on the shield backs and black on all the armour. This is a step I like do either before bed or before going to work so I'm not waiting for it to dry.

Took 14 minutes, bringing the elapsed time to 1 hour 12 minutes.

Next job is the leatherwork, tunics and the wood part of the pila. Having to be a little more controlled with the brush so slower work. 90 minutes later bringing the total time to 1 hour 42 minutes.

Next task is the shield bosses and base colour for the flesh areas.

This takes a further 70 minutes, bringing the total so far to 2 hours 52 minutes.

I got a bit of a longer session today, flesh tone, gold and a few little details took 3 hours and 45 minutes, bringing the total time spend to 6 hours and 37 minutes.

Figures are coming together nicely. Next week will see highlights for the tunics and metal work.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Warlord Games Plastic Romans - a retrospective

My original WAB army purchased in the early 2000's was made up of the original Perry sculpted Foundry figures bought from a bring and buy, figures were tarted up and rebased. I have added to it and have a supply of unopened blisters along with some 1st corps casts which scale in well.

When Warlord sprang in to being and launched Hail Caesar, the plastic Romans were one of their first ranges. How well have they stood the test of time? I managed some time ago to pick up the Roman Army box of approx 120 figures for around £45 which represented really good value (brand new on eBay expect to pay £65 currently), the box was duly stashed away.

I've just listened to Mary Beard's SPQR and along with a series about Rome on the telly, my mind goes back to Romans, Hail Caesar and Swordpoint. I have grabbed a couple of sprues from the box and built them, I thought I would share my thoughts and take you through painting them.

Firstly these aren't going to stand up to the new Victrix plastics, those are fantastic with some of the best chain mail seen on plastic figures to date. The Victrix are also a full head taller so incompatible with my Foundry and 1st Corps figures, price wise the come in at nearer a £1 a model, not helped by the number of alternate parts on the sprue. Warlords Romans come nearer that price unless you buy the army box or one of the many cheap sets on eBay.

There's not too much variation on the poses you can build and generally come in at 4 parts so easy and quick to build. I mounted these on wooden sticks, grouped in similar poses to speed up painting.

After 58 mins we have the metalwork base coated on the models, using thinned Vallejo Model Air gun metal and the back of the shields with Vallejo Model Colour middlestone. The shield back colour was inspired by the replicas made by English Heritage although in reality no shields survived from the periods as the wood rotted leaving only the metal fittings.

Just in case anyone wonders why I've used paints designed for airbrushing, colour pigments are ground finer and make brush painting easy, especially metallics - give it a try.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

6mm Update

Painting and gaming time has been in short supply lately. I have found a little time to paint and base up some British cavalry for our Sudan games. Five squadrons will be plenty.

Another couple of houses, this time from Leven, to add the scenery collection.

Some more Leven, this time a bridge and parts of La Haye Sainte.

We did get another game of Battlegroup on Sunday, this time with more tanks and Fat Frank roads. Fields provided by artificial grass samples from B&Q. Tonight's lesson is Sherman tanks are poor, I need to get the 76mm turreted versions painted up.

Currently being finished on the painting table is a selection of British and French Napoleonic casualties, pulled from the 'box of shame', Perry plastic and Front Rank metals.

This week whilst looking for Footsore Miniatures Guinevere figure, I managed to buy a small selection of Romano British and a copy of 'Songs of Arthur and Merlin', well I do have all the Saxons and the buildings already painted.

I'm still continuing to sell off surplus bits and pieces on eBay. The big surprise was the demand for Dystopian Legions, I'll be trying to continue this as its raises £'s for new projects, makes space and feels good to move things on. It's easy to have too many projects and dilute your attention as well as painting and gaming time, to that end I'm resolved not to start any further projects. But then it's Warfare in a couple of weekends ......

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Terrain and basing update

We can't always be painting miniatures, sometimes we need to do stuff that's not as exciting but none the less essential.

First up I am restarting my 15mm terrain collection for WW2, I knocked out a couple of Peter Pig farm buildings, I'm avoiding anything too urban and just going for rural stuff where possible.

I've had a bag of Noch fir trees for ages and had started basing them and then moved on to other things, I forced myself to finished them. These are good for 6mm or 10mm and I fancy adding another bag of these.

I have based up some of the cheap Chinese trees, noticeably not as good as the firs but these are pennies per tree. I've more of these to base.

More Warbases skirmish trays for Sharp Practice to save me having to swap figures around.

These are single penny rings that I have added tiny 2mm high numbers, this gives me with this set 8 red and blue big men numbered 1 to 8 and green numbered 1 to 4. Useful in identifying your character figures during the game.

As an example here's red one and two.

Yesterday I popped along to the Derby Worlds show, now sited in rural Leicestershire. The show was well lit but the hall was a little cramped as they run several competition games over both days. 

Success was had as I picked up both my wagon and limber team for my 28mm ACW collection along with the Fall of the Reich supplement for Battlegroup - sorry Stu no stats for your Maus!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Battlegroup WW2 - a first run through

The Battlegroup WW2 rules published by The Plastic Soldier Company have been around for a few years, recently they have printed a new core rulebook, a Battle of the Bulge book and a reprint of their Overlord book. A Market Garden volume is next in the works whilst a Cold War version is being worked on. Lots going on there and I wanted to have a run through the rules to see how they played.

Picking a straightforward scenario and a couple of small forces from my collection, we sat down to run through the game. I believe in the couple of hours we had, the rules certainly proved themselves, we had a few questions and I was able to solve those with a quiet read through the rule book afterwards.

Each turn you receive a number of orders, invariably less than you need, orders are used to activate teams, annoyingly called squads in the rules, the turn passes to your opponent when complete. As teams are destroyed or rallied, players draw counters and when the value of your counters exceeds your Battle Rating, your remaining troops withdraw and you lose.

My WW2 collection has been in storage for more than three years and it was good to see it again. Looking at my US vehicles I can see I need to get more decals and add some markings to many of these but it wouldn't take long. I've another 10 Shermans and some more infantry.

The Germans have some unfinished Fallschirmjager, so many plans, so little time. I'm off to the 'Worlds' at the weekend, I'll have a look out for more terrain bits and pieces.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Colours 2017

We shot down to Newbury for a few hours yesterday, I'd only a few things on my shopping list but the absence of the Foundry Napoleonic racks meant no British Marines, and no Perrys then no limber or wagon for ACW.

Essentials like MDF bases and tufts came first, 15mm walls from Debris of War and then a couple of great character figures from Gringo40s. The surprise purchase was the Sudan scenario book, this will be great for TMWWBK.

I managed to finish the ACW casualty markers, complete with horses, Union and Confederate, all with Minibits 7mm frames.

Last year I bought some great buildings from Leven Miniatures, great models and easy to paint. Here's the first few themed for ACW.

I'm working on some 15mm farm buildings from Peter Pig for our inaugural playing of Battleground, these were a pre order for collection, somehow they still came in the post?  They are all primed and ready for paint.